[💡NEW!] Hungry Tiger 有機南瓜甜薯(藜麥)嬰兒麵240克│添加超級食物│營養副食之選



重量(Weight) : 240克g (40g x 6束) 適合7個月大或以上寶寶 Suitable for 7 months+ babies 產地(Origin) : 馬來西亞Malaysia • 添加超級食物(Superfood)藜麥 - 營養更豐富, 提供蛋白質、氨基酸、膳食纖維及多種維他命 • 混合紫薯及南瓜口味,精選澳洲有機小麥麵粉製造 • 無添加人造色素, 防腐劑, 糖或鹽 • 適合7個月或以上寶寶食用 • 軟綿口感有助訓練寶寶咀嚼和消化 • 獲美國,歐盟, 澳洲, 日本及中國有機認證 • Added with Quinoa - nutritious source of protein, amino acid, dietary fibre, and multiple vitamins • Mixed with sweet potatoes and pumpkin, made with Australian organic wheat flour • No synthetic colouring, preservatives, and added sugar or salt • Soft texture of noodles allows easy chewing and good for digestion • Suitable for 7m+ • Certified organic by USDA, EU, NASAA, JAS & China • Each box contains 2 bundles for easy handling (1 bundle is advised for 1 meal)

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