[💡NEW!] Hungry Tiger 有機茉莉香米



重量(Weight) : 1公斤(KG) 適合6個月大或以上寶寶 Suitable for 6 months+ babies 產地(Origin) : Vietnam越南 '• 有機無麩質單一穀物,適合作寶寶的第一口輔食,柔軟易消化 •獲歐盟及美國有機認證 •提供寶寶成長所需的重要元素 - 熱量及蛋白質營養等 •易於處理 - 無需浸泡 •不含防腐劑和過敏原 •非基因改造 •Organic Non-gluten single grain for first baby food •Soft and easily digest •EU and USDA Organic Certified •Key source of energy & full of nutrients especially protein for baby's development •Easy handling - no need soaking •No preservatives or allergen •Non-GMO •Suitable for 6 months or above

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