Ivenet貝貝 幼兒專用調味醬油 (2款)

Ivenet貝貝幼兒專用調味醬油 (2款)



重量(Weight) : 190毫升(190ml) 適合10個月大或以上寶寶 Suitable for 10 months+ babies 產地(Origin) : 韓國 Korea - 健康調味,讓孩子不再厭食! - 使用100% 韓國産大麥和大豆,優質純淨安全 - 添加水果,洋葱, 香菇, 海帶, 葡萄柚, 蘋果等味道更豐富 - 用法:烹飪時簡單放一勺即可 ·Mild soy sauce vilified with local 100% beans and wheat. ·Delicious taste vilified with local wheat and beans based on Brewed soy sauce contained. ·Fruits and vegetable extract. ·Mild soy sauce for various recipe focused on babies’ mild taste.

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